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Parliament adopts sustainability criteria and preferences for bioenergy


PRESS RELEASE – Strasbourg, 13 December 2006

Biomass and biofuels:
Parliament adopts sustainability criteria and preferences for bioenergy
Following today’s vote by the European Parliament on the biomass and biofuels strategy, Finnish Green and vice-president of the Parliament’s environment committee, Satu Hassi, said:

“The EP has today called for biomass to primarily be used where it is most efficient: in the production of electricity, heating and cooling. It is crucial for our food safety and biodiversity that bioenergy is produced in a sustainable way and it is welcome that the EP has recognised this. Feeding people clearly must be the first priority for agriculture and must not be threatened by satisfying the appetite of our cars with biofuels.

“Parliament has indicated a clear preference for a second generation of biofuels, based on wood, straw or waste, giving a much better energy balance. However, all bioenergy must be produced in an environmentally-sustainable way and have positive climate balance. Increasing the use of bioenergy must be combined with changes in our lifestyle towards a more sustainable way of life.”